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Miyake Island Travel Journal 1:  Tokyo -> Miyake Island


I traveled to Miyake Island (= Miyake-jima) and the following is the travel journal.

Note: The traveling days are January 8-10th, 2016.

Departure (Tokyo -> Miyake Island)

The reason why I decided to travel to Miyake Island was that a friend in college days worked in Miyake Island, and that she had invited me.

So I went there with another two friends.

It seems that summer is the best season for enjoying the island, but I went there in winter due to various reasons.

Let’s, go!!

If you go to Miyake Island from Tokyo, there are two ways of transportation.

One is to fly from Chofu Aerodrome and the other is to take a ferry from Takeshiba Pier.

In this trip, I chose taking a ferry because it seems interesting.

When taking a ferry, you’ll use Tokai Kisen (

The schedule of Tokyo -> Miyake-jima is only overnight: departures 22:30 – arrival 5:00.

On the depature day, after buying alcoholic drinks and the next day’s breakfast, we arrived at Takeshiba Passenger Ship Terminal (within walking distance from Takeshiba / Hamamatsucho / Daimon station).

I was surprised to know that the ship we were going to ride was very big.

And, it was also surprising that the ship had rooms (*1) as rich as a hotel inside.

*1 Image here (from Tokai Kisen website)

As soon as the ship departed, I saw the night view of Tokyo. It is insanely beautiful.

Also, the Rainbow Bridge had come into view.

The picture below is just after the ship had passed under the Rainbow Bridge.

Many passengers went out to the deck and enjoyed the view.

And you can enjoy the night view of other places. For example …,

^ Fuji Television (Odaiba)

^ Oi Pier

And, in the same way as other passangers, I started to drink with the beautiful night view.

I could bought some ice cream on a vending machine inside the ship.

After a while, nothing was visible (It seems to be far away from the land), so I decided to go to bed.

I had reserved one of the Special 2nd room’s bed (* 2), and I lay down there and stayed overnight.

*2 Image here (from Tokai Kisen website)

However, I could not sleep much due to shaking of the ship.

(It may be a problem of experience, you might get used to it with many rides.)

Then, at 5 o’clock in the morning, I arrived at Miyake Island.

When I got off the ship I was able to shoot the whole picture of the ship.


So cool !!

Here, this article is over.

In the next article, I will sihtsee the island.

Miyake Island Travel Journal 2:  Nature of the Island

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