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Miyake Island Travel Journal 2:  Nature of the Island


I traveled to Miyake Island (= Miyake-jima) and the following is the travel journal.

This is the 2nd article of the journal.

Note: The previous article is the following.
Miyake Island Travel Journal 1:  Departure (Tokyo -> Miyake Island)

Note: The traveling days are January 8-10th, 2016.

Nature of the Island

In the previous article, I wrote that I had arrived at Miyake Island at 5 a.m. on the 2nd day (9th, January).

At the arrival Mike Port, I heard that a bus leading me to a place near the hotel would soon depart.

I got on in a hurry and moved the island clockwise.

I got off near the hotel in about 15 minutes, and took breakfast at the hotel lobby.

Also, I took a break for about 2 hours (because daybreak had not yet come and I could not go sightseeing).

After a while it got brighter, so I rent a car and decided to go around the island counterclockwise.

First, I arrived at Wild Bird Park & Tairo Pond on the south side of the island.

Here you can do bird-watching and feel the nature of the island.

Although it was the first time for me to do bird-watching, I enjoyed it very much with renting binoculars and detailed explanation about observation method.

You can also study because there is a building called Akakokko-kan which exhibits material about the nature.

By the way, I took a picture of Tairo Pond.

You can walk around the pond (1 km or less).

When walking, I encountered a large tree.

It is called “Maigo-Ji” (The meaning is “Lost child – Castanopsis”).

There is an episode as follows: Even if you get lost in this jungle, you will be saved because this tree becomes a guidepost.

I was so excited to meet the nature that I could never see in the city.

After sightseeing Tairo Pond, I continued to go around the island counterclockwise, and I arrived at Mike Port.

Yes, I returned to the place I had got off the ship in the morning! :-O

The following is the picture of Mt.O (“Oyama” in japanese, the highest mountain in Miyake Island).

It was magnificent although I had not noticed it in the morning because it was too dark.

Here, this article is over.

In the next article, I will write about a shrine.

Miyake Island Travel Journal 3:  Shitori Shrine

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