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Miyake Island Travel Journal 3:  Shitori Shrine


I traveled to Miyake Island (= Miyake-jima) and the following is the travel journal.

This is the 3rd article of the journal.

Note: The previous articles are the following.
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Note: The traveling days are January 8-10th, 2016.

Shitori Shrine

I was going to go around the island counterclockwise by rental car as the last time.

I arrived at Shitori Shrine at 4 km from Miike Port.

A red torii (= a gateway to a shrine) and a shaden (=a main building of a shrine) are nice.

However, this is not an ordinary shrine.

Walking a few tens of seconds from the torii …

There were other torii and shrine buried in the earth.

Actually, those were the former torii and shrine which had been buried in volcanic ash.

There was a volcanic eruption in 2000.

I realized that Miyake Island was an island of volcano, although its nature was
so beautiful.

After going around the island for a while, I reached a seaside road in the northwest of the island.

There were only rocks and the sea, and what I saw in the back might be Nii Island. (It is not certain because I guessed it only from the direction).

Going to the west of the island, A few benches emerged suddenly.

Is it better to sit with a couple? 🙂

Here, this article is over.

In the next article, I will write about a well and sunset.

Miyake Island Travel Journal 4:  Well of Koganei Kojiro, and Sunset

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