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Miyake Island Travel Journal 4:  Well of Koganei Kojiro, and Sunset


I traveled to Miyake Island (= Miyake-jima) and the following is the travel journal.

This is the 4th article of the journal.

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Note: The traveling days are January 8-10th, 2016.

Well of Koganei Kojiro, and Sunset

This is the last article about going around the island counterclockwise.

I wrote it the last article that I had been the northwestern part of the island, and there is a sightseeing spot called “Koganei Kojiro no Ido” (=Well of Koganei Kojiro). v

This well was made by Koganei Kojiro who had committed a crime in 19th century and who had been exiled to the island.

He saved villagers by making the well.

It was a moving story that he worked for others even if he had sinned once.

It being getting dark, I went to Nippana Shinzan (= Nippana New Mountain) in the southern part of the island.

The sharp point on the right side of the picture is the mountain.

This mountain was made by the eruption in 1983 (Volcanic power is horrible!!).

You had better to enjoy it a little away from the mountain, because it was almost a cliff and there were no fences.

I took a picture on the way I was climbing. v


Well, I finally circled the island.

Actually, only 12 hours had passed since I arrived in the island, but I felt as if I had been living here long time.

It mignt be because the progress of time was felt late, since people and nature of the island had a relaxed atmosphere and many sightseeing spots didn’t made me bored.

That’s why Miyake Island seemed to be an ideal place for those who were tired of the bustle of the city.

Here, this article is over.

Next article is the last article of this journal.

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