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Miyake Island Travel Journal 5:  Black Beach & Farewell


I traveled to Miyake Island (= Miyake-jima) and the following is the travel journal.

This is the 5th (last) article of the journal.

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Note: The traveling days are January 8-10th, 2016.

Black Beach & Farewell
In the previous articles, I wrote about the first 2 days of the trip.

On the other hand, I will write about the last day (3rd day) of the trip in this article.

At the beginning of the third day, I climbed the mountain.

As of 2016, a part of the mountain side was out of bounds.

There was Shichito-Tembodai (Seven islands – Observatory deck) close to the out-of-bounds area (The observatory deck was allowed to go up to).

Even if it was called “observatory deck”, it was not an artificial building but a hill.

It was said that you was able to see over the seven Izu islands going up to the observatory deck.

I took a picture on it.

Because of the morning mist, I was not able to see all of the seven islands.

However, the scenery was very beautiful.

By the way, it was pretty cold because it was January and very windy.

Miyake is an island isolated in the ocean and there is nothing to block the wind, so you should bring warm clothes if going there in winter.

Then, I headed for the western area of the island that I hadn’t been to the day before.

There were palm trees on the way and they realized me that I was on a southern island. v


After a while, there was a facility called “Furusato Taiken Village” (=Hometown Experience Village). v

It seems that you could enjoy hot springs and dishes of the island in this facility, but I had to pass it because I had no time.

Also, we could see the sea reflecting the sun. v

It was not only beautiful but also a little nostalgic.


As we approached the ocean, a black sand beach appeared.

This blackness is probably due to the influence of the volcano, and I thought it is another attraction of the island.


Also, there were another sightseeing spot called Megane-Iwa (=Eyeglasses Rock) nearby.

It was precious scenery because such a big and black rock was not seen frequently.


Well, as time to part with the island came, I decided to return to Tokyo.

The Tokai Kisen ( ferry to Tokyo was going to depart at 13:35, so it was necessary to be in the port around noon.

I took a bus and headed for Miike Port (*).

* The port of departure changes every day due to the weather (It is decided on the departure day).

There was a building in the port, and many people were waiting for the ferry with choosing souvenirs. v

After that, the time for departure had come, and I returned to Tokyo from the island.

As I wrote in the last article, Miyake Islamd had a relaxing atmosphere, so it was an ideal place for those who were tired of the bustle of the mainland.

Why not visit Miyake Island once if you have not been to yet?

This travel journal is ended with this article. Thank you for reading.

v Sightseeing spots during the trip
(Explanation is displayed when you click each point. The number in parentheses in the explanation corresponds to the title number of the article that introduced the spot: e.g. “Shitori Shrine (3)” is introduced in “Miyake Island Travel Journal 3” article.)

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