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Niigata Travel Journal 1:  Niigata Station -> Bandai Bridge


I traveled around Niigata City and the following is that travel journal.

Note: The traveling days are November 23-26th, 2014.

Niigata Station -> Bandai Bridge

First of all, I explain why I decided to travel to Niigata:
I was a student then, and an academic meeting was held in Niigata.

On the first day of the travel, I moved from Ueno Station to Niigata Station by Shinkansen (=Bullet train)*.
*You can also ride from Tokyo Station.

Let’s start walking from Niigata station!!

I did not decide on any particular goal, but I wanted to see the sea. So I moved towards the sea side.

I was walking National Route 7 northwestward ((A) -> (B) on the walking route of the the next article).

10 minutes’ walk brought me to a big and cool building! ((B) on the walking route)

This building is “Niigata Nippo MEDIA SHIP”, and it is the head office of Niigata Nippo Co., Ltd. (Niigata Nippo is a newspaper company in Niigata.)

There was space where we could see past articles of Niigata Nippo (even those during the World War II) for free.

Also, since this building has an observation platform, you will see a great view as you climb.

I did not see the view because I did not know about the observation platform. ^^;

As soon as Niigata Nippo MEDIA SHIP was over, I reached a big river ((C) on the walking route)

This is the Shinano river, and the bridge I has been on is called “Bandai bridge”.

The above picture shows the northeastern side from the bridge.

Let’s also look at the southwestern side from the bridge.

A few clouds just happened to come out, sunlight was leaking from there. It was somewhat fantastic. 

I felt that Niigata was a “city of water”.

The “city of water” was made of the Shinano river, and the water and the buildings reflected on it were very beautiful.

Here, this article is over.

I will continue to write about the “city of water” next time as well.

Niigata Travel Journal 2:  Minato Pia, Toki Messe

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