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Niigata Travel Journal 2:  Minato Pia, Toki Messe


I traveled around Niigata City and the following is the travel journal.

This is the 2nd article of the journal.

Note: The previous article is the following.
Niigata Travel Journal 1:  Niigata Station -> Bandai Bridge

Note: The traveling days are November 23-26th, 2014.

Minato Pia, Toki Messe

In the previous article, I reported that I had reached Bandai Bridge ((C) on the walking route on the end of this article).

When I crossed over Bandai Bridge, I arrived in Niigata Island.

Although it is written as “island” (it is certainly divided from Honshu (=mainland) by the Shinano River), it doesn’t seems to be “island” because the distance from Honshu is very close.

The following picture shows the mainland side seeing from Niigata Island.


When I reached Niigata Island, I turned right and walked along the Shinano River northeastward (downstream).

About 1 km from Bandai Bridge, there was a Minato Pia (Niigata City History Museum) ((D) on the walking route).

In the main building of the museum, there were detailed exhibitions about Niigata’s history, geography, and culture.

I was crazy about them two hours.

The most interesting thing was the conflict between two towns (Niigata Town and Nuttari Town).

They dispute about the control of the mouth of the Shinano River, every time the river erodes land and landform is changed.

This problem seems to be occured only in the “city of water”.

Also, this “Minato Pia” contains not only the museum but also historic buildings such as the former Niigata Customs House and the former bank.

You can enjoy these buildings, and the detail is below:
Minato Pia Official Home Page

After leaving the Minato Pia, I saw a ship ((E) on the walking route).

This is a ferry which connects Honshu and Sado Island.

Also, seeing a little upstream, there was a building!

It is called Toki Messe, a convention center which includes exhibition halls, conference rooms, hotels, and so on.

Well, the Travel Journal is ended with this article.

If you are visiting Niigata from now on, please pay attention to the beautiful city streets including the water.

Thank you for reading.

※Walking Route (including the points in the first article):


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